Winter Solstice Sunset on December 21st 2014 at Dowth South

Start Date 21 Dec 2014
End Date 21 Dec 2014
Times 3pm - 4pm

Winter Solstice Sunset Event at Dowth South 2014

Arrangements for Winter Solstice 2014

Start Date 21 Dec 2014
End Date 21 Dec 2014
Times See below

Anyone who wants to stand on the outside of Newgrange monument as the sun is rising on December 21st is very welcome. The best way to get there is to go to Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre and get a shuttle bus to the site. There is no charge for this. The Centre will open at 7.00am

Once you get to Newgrange, there will be a queue on the road but everyone will be allowed on site from 8.30am (once it begins to get light) until 9.30am. After 9.30am, there is no direct access to Newgrange. There is no charge to go on site up until 9.30am.

If visitors decide to access the site from the N51, i.e. go directly to Newgrange, the roads will be closed off to traffic from a distance of approx 1.5 km and visitors will have to walk from where their car is parked. (approx 20minutes).

After dawn, when the Lottery winners and Art competition winners come out of the chamber, people who have been waiting outside will be brought inside in groups of 20 people. In 2013, it took until nearly noon for everyone who wanted to go inside to get in  and out.

Once all the people at the monuments have left the site, normal arrangements and normal admission prices will apply.

Guided tours will commence at approx 12.30pm.

Please dress appropriately and wrap up well.

Please respect the monument and other visitors.

There are no dogs or other pets allowed on site.

Enjoy the morning!

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