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The 'Morpeth Roll' Exhibition at Kilkenny Castle

Start Date: 16 Aug 2013
End Date: 26 Oct 2013

The 'Morepeth Roll' Exhibition at Kilkenny Castle will be held from Friday 16th of August to Saturday 26th October during Castle opening hours. 

Imagine a goodbye card 420m long.....

This gigantic farewell signed by 160,000 people was presented to the
popular Chief Secretary for Ireland, Lord Morpeth, when he left Dublin
in 1841.

During his time in office, Morpeth won many friends and admirers for his
reforming legislation and helping to advance Catholic politicians. In
1841, he returned to his splendid family home - Castle Howard in
Yorkshire, taking with him, the testimonial. After his death, it lay
unrecognised in a basement for more than a century. Now, this
extraordinary document has returned to Ireland for the purpose of
research and conservation at NUI Maynooth.

The exhibition comprises of 652 sheets of paper that have been wrapped
around an enormous bobbin, with the entire roll measuring a staggering
420m. It was assembled over five weeks in 1841, as people across
Ireland responded to Daniel O'Connell's call for signatures.

The Morpeth Roll is not just a monumental goodbye card, but it is an
extraordinary mechanical object - a continuously winding roll of paper
and when unrolled, it is three times the length of Croke Park, Dublin!
For further information, please call The Parade Tower Events Office -
+353 56 77 04108 / anne.teehan@opw.ie


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