Maynooth Castle

Maynooth Castle

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Address: Maynooth, Co. Kildare.
Telephone No: + 353 1 628 6744.
Fax No: + 353 1 628 6848.

Opening Hours



16th May - 25th September

Daily: 10.00 - 18.00

Average Length of Visit: 45 minutes

Last guided tour 16.30Grounds close 17.45.

Please note: The Castle will close for the winter at 4pm 26th September



Admission Fees

Free 1



Restaurant/Tearooms: None

This great stone castle was founded in the early 13th century and became the principal residence of the Kildare branch of the Geraldines. The Kildare FitzGeralds extended their land holdings and influence, emerging as one of the most powerful families in Ireland with Maynooth Castle being one of the largest and richest Earl's houses. Garret Mór, known as the Great Earl of Kildare, governed Ireland in the name of the King of England from 1487 - 1513 and under his son, Garret Og the 9th Earl, the Castle became the centre of political power and culture. The original Keep, constructed c. 1203, was one of the largest of its kind in Ireland. Early in the 17th century the castle was remodelled and the main focus of the Castle shifted from the original Keep to the buildings in the east of the grounds. It was vested in the State in 1991 and a programme of restoration commenced in February 2000. There is an exhibition in the Keep on the history of the castle and the family.

Location: Maynooth Village, 30km approximately west from centre of Dublin N4

Bus Routes: 66/67/67A from Pearse Street
Train from Connolly Station

Guided Tours: Access to the keep by guided tour only
Last tour one hour before closing
Maximum No: 50.
Duration: 40 minutes
Groups of 10 or more must pre-book
Leaflet/Guide Book: Leaflet in English

Seasonal Events: Occasional exhibitions, concerts and lectures

Photography/Video allowed: Yes, but permission required for commercial purposes

Additional Information: Limited access for visitors with disabilities