Gallarus Oratory

Gallarus Oratory

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Co. Kerry

Tel No: +353 66 9155 333

Opening Hours


Access to the Oratory is available all year, however please note that the Visitor Centre closes for the winter months.

Please email re. queries and bookings.

Admission Fees

A local service charge is applicable. For further details, please contact (066) 9155 333.


Large coach and car park, Audio Visual 15 mins, Cafe, Toilets including facilities for persons of limited mobility.  A local service charge is applicable.

One of the most famous landmarks on the Dingle Peninsula and situated close to Gallarus Castle. The Oratory is completely made of stone and some way it resembles an upturned boat. Various dates have been suggested for its construction but an exact date for same is not available.  It is extremely well preserved and several archeological artifacts are to be found on the grounds of the Oratory. The Oratory and grounds are carefully maintained by the OPW.

In close proximity is Gallarus Castle was built by the FitzGeralds and is probably 15th century in date. It is one of the few surviving castles on the Dingle peninsula. It is a four-storey tower with a vaulted ceiling on the fourth floor; none of its battlements remain.

Conservation works have been undertaken at the castle in recent years. The tower was accessed originally on the 1st floor and there was a two storey defensive structure to the front, now gone but evidence of it can be seen on the external wall.
Access to the grounds only.

No carparking facilites at Castle.

Location: 10km from Dingle (R559).